About Us … Delta Duck Hunters

 Delta Duck Hunters is owned and operated by Jay Cranford. Jay has been an avid waterfowler in Arkansas and Duck Hunting guide for over 30 years. His guiding experience on waterfowl ranges from North Dakota to Mexico.  Jays passion for the outdoors keeps him in touch with the latest innovations for Duck and Goose hunters alike. “We are constantly trying new products from our sponsors that will increase the odds of your hunt being successful.”
We enjoy what we do ! ” I especially enjoy kids who are just learning to waterfowl hunt. Its great to see the smiles on their faces and the gleem in their eyes after a good hunt . We have to preserve our God given heritage and pass it own to younger generations that follow us so Waterfowling will continue to be a sport for all to enjoy”
Here at Delta Duck Hunters we try to support all types of Wildlife organizations including Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited, SCI and others.
For hunters looking for an Arkansas Duck Hunt we offer 1000’s of acres of prime hunting property that range in environments that create a rich waterfowling experience. Delta Duck Hunters offers a variety of duck hunting opportunities that enable hunters to choose from flooded fields or green timber locations.Arkansas is where the ducks are and our experienced Arkansas duck hunting guides know where to take hunters to take part in the most memorable and successful duck hunting of the season. We provide everything needed for an enjoyable hunting trip including lodging, equipment, dogs and transportation to and from the hunting site. We all understand that hunting sometimes can be very unpredictable and here at Delta Duck Hunters we try to make your experience as good as it can possibly be by choosing the best areas in the Delta for seeing and harvesting high numbers of migrating Waterfowl. Our waterfowl guides are courteous and knowledgeable and will make your experience with us both memorable and enjoyable.

Our hunting property is managed for you to have the best chance for good hunting all season long.

What kind of hunting do you have?
We have buried pits, sled blinds, standing in green timber, river basins, sloughs, rivers, reservoirs, dead timber, rice, corn, millet, we have it all. All are brushed and camoed for maximum concealment. Please let us know of any limitations you may have so we can make your hunt as enjoyable as possible for you.

Do I need to bring a dog?
We have dogs for all our hunts. You are welcome to bring your dog to hunt with you. Please let us know when booking if you plan to bring a dog.

Can corporations, companies, or large groups lease a private hunt?
Yes, we have several large tracts of land that can accommodate large groups.

How do I get to the hunting areas? Do I need my own transportation?
We will furnish the transportation to and from your blind, pit or any other hunting area.

Do you have quality guides?
Our waterfowl hunting guides are very experienced, know where the ducks are and are there to help you have a successful hunt

What should I bring?
Arkansas Hunting License, Arkansas Duck Stamp, Federal Duck Stamp, HIP card, Chest Waders, Warm Clothing, Camera.



Be safe and Happy Hunting !
Jay Cranford
Delta Duck Hunters