2017 Arkansas Duck Season should be a good one!

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With the early migration of snows, blues and White fronted geese moving their way thru Montana it could be a sign of some exciting times for the November Opener in Arkansas. Thousands of geese have landed in search for food and resting areas in order to continue the southward journey. The ducks will not be to far behind!

Jay Cranford

2015/16 Arkansas Duck Hunting Season should be Great!

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Arkansas is one of the world leaders when it comes to Rice production. Over 1.5 millon acres of rice is harvested on an annual basis in Arkansas.
Ducks and Geese love Arkansas and we are right in the middle of Rice Country!

Be prepared for the worst

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Be sure to prepare for rains ice snow and other factors during your hunt . Of course the time of year will determine your level of prepardness for the cold but you will be more comfortable ans usually more successful when you do a good job of planning ahead.

Arkansas Duck Hunts Book your Arkansas Duck Hunt Now!

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We are filling up fast so book your trip today to ensure the dates you want. Looks like it going to be a banner year ! We will be hunting Rice and Bean fields along with flooded timber and sloughs. Call us today to reserve your dates. 478 256 3422

Arkansas Duck Hunts

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Use smaller decoy spreads early season

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#17 Tip of The Week August 10 2014..

#16 Waterfowl Hunting Tip of The Week from Jay Cranford with www.DeltaDuckHunters.com

Use a smaller Decoy Spread Early Season….
You don’t have to have 200 decoys to lure ducks and geese in. Learning the five-note greeting call and feeding chuckle with the right set will pull ducks in during early season. Make sure you are well concealed and use a little motion with your setup. As the season goes on you will need to change your stratagy as the birds get wiser.

Jay Cranford